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I believe in a lot of things. Creating compelling, people-centric products is one of them. I'm a product designer in the Bay Area thinking, designing and coding my way through the amazing challenges of connecting people and technology.

Important Design Values

These are some of the core values I stand by that are inherent in my work and are the lifeblood for an amazing product.

Compelling User Experience

Hand-crafting interactions and experiences that help connect people with technology on a more meaningful and productive level.

Engaging Visual Design

Elevating big brands and groundbreaking products through creative exploration and a strong visual design sensibility.

Clean & Semantic Code

Writing clean, semantic, scaleable code that creates a sturdy foundation and a useful resource for engineering collabroation.

Carving a Path to Pixel Perfection

I've worked with some truly talented teams over the years that have given me the opportunities to shape skills into a truly refined craft.

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UI Designer

Wirevibe (2010 - 2011)

Improved design strategy amongst a team of developers for clients including a restaurant franchise, social network and more.

UX Designer

Globerunner (2011 - 2013)

Design strategy and brand leader at a boutique digital marketing agency focused on increased engagement and conversion optimization.

Product Designer

ZURB (2013 - 2015)

Built momentum for early-stage start ups and corporations through conceptual product design and strategy education.

Senior Designer

Quantcast (2015 - Now)

Utilizing tactical design skills to improve the Advertise product and streamline the implementation process with engineering.

Working Through a Process

It's important to have a plan before diving into the design process. These components make up the bread and butter of a solid product strategy.

01. Research

Knowing is half the battle. Exploring the market, competitors and consumers ahead of the design process can make all the difference.

02. Ideate

Low fidelity sketching and rapid iteration helps build velocity and explore ideas more broadly early on in the product design process.

03. Prototype

Building prototypes is a great way to test your hypotheses and validate your interactions so you can be confident in your proof of concept.

04. Visuals

An engaging, cohesive visual design system gives a product personality and evokes a more emotional response to the experience.

05. Code

Clean, abstracted components makes for easier collaboration and a more scalable codebase as the product continues to grow.

06. Analyze

First releases can be a little rough around the edges. Monitoring engagement and collecting feedback makes a good product great.

Explore my Work

I've led tactical design on a huge assortment of projects including product, ecommerce, brand/marketing and more.

Hint: "I don't want your damn lemons."

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